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Thread: Will I always feel like I'm "missing out"? and falling off the Primal wagon

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    Will I always feel like I'm "missing out"? and falling off the Primal wagon

    I'm currently in my first year of college and do in general feel that Primal philosophies are beneficial to my lifestyle. I'm about 80% Primal -- I rarely eat grains and wheat, but when I do indulge/fall off the Primal wagon, it's usually in sugar: Larabars, fruit, sweetened coffee, milk, etc. By most people's standards, my diet is pretty healthy. But sometimes I feel like I'm only reaping benefits (and in my case, losing the 30 lbs of weight I need to lose) if I eat ketogenic. I might eat very clean (<30g carbs) for a one or two days, but usually SOMETHING triggers an unshakeable desire to eat a Larabar, have a chai...then all hell breaks lose and I consume all the sugar (and then some) in sight.

    I understand that it's dangerous to see things in black and white, but I've been falling off the Primal wagon more often than I've been on it lately. Should I continue to attempt a ketogenic diet? Am I just lacking in discipline and motivation? I just feel like I'm a slave to my lifestyle sometimes. Not in the sense that Primal isn't fulfilling (it is!), but just that ordinary college kids don't stress out about food and nutrition and weight loss like I do.

    Tips? Thanks much, Primal veterans!

    P.S. I've been Primal (80% without wheat/grains) since summer, and have actually gained weight eating the mandatory meal plan at my college.
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