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Thread: Will I always feel like I'm "missing out"? and falling off the Primal wagon

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    Sugar is insidious.
    It may help you to realize that sugar feeds certain opportunistic bacterium in our bodies. When we go with out for a while some of the bacteria die off releasing toxins making us feel a little off. That can cause you then break down and have some sugar, to perk yourself up, the bacteria are fed and scream for more....triggering a binge. They have a strong desire to live :-)
    If you can go a few weeks with out any sugar (fruit included or at least extremely limited) it will help to kill off the opportunist bacteria and help to eliminate the binges.

    Edited to add...Google 'Candida Overgrowth' and see if the symptoms resonate with you.

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    Heya, I feel you. What is your immediate goal? Lose weight? Feel your best?

    If it's lose weight, eh, you don't need to be 100%-strict with Paleo. I lost a lot of weight freshman year and had never even heard about Paleo. I probably was eating 75%-80% Primal a lot of the time because I rarely ate grains and kept carbs moderate. Keep a general goal of burning more than you take in, you will see weight come off. Campus provides a lot of walking opportunity. Walk your bum off. I rarely ate junk because by the time I was losing weight, I wanted to get it over with so to me indulging too much was counter-productive. I did miss out on some experiences, like Waffle Night but at the time I was like "eh, 3 more years." Make things a habit--like exercise--and it will be easier. The HUGE thing is, if it feels like suffering or deprivation, your willpower will peter out. Difficulty at first is normal, but if it's taking every trembling ounce of self-control 3 months later to avoid pizza, you should probably reevaluate, because you're going to snap hard.

    If your goal is health with weight loss on the backburner, just focus on eating the best you can. You're not failing if you occasionally have some pizza with your friends--tell yourself you can have it occasionally and you'll be less likely to make it forbidden fruit or have a Last Supper reaction. If you're walking a lot and keeping junk food to one or two days a week, you'll probably lose weight too. For times when you feel a battle of "Argh, I want it! No I don't!", I'd say leave it. You won't feel bad about NOT eating something the next day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    Just an FYI, fruit is Primal and not an indulgence. It's a very healthy food.
    I would like to nuance this: fruits are seed bearers of a plant that cannot walk or fly away from its rooting spot to spread its genes. So some fruits are "designed" to be appetizing to some animals that can temporarily host the seeds and dump them somewhere else, preferably far away from the original plant. I believe that the plant "does not care" about the long term health of the host, as long as it survives long enough upon ingestion of its fruit for its seeds to be spread far and wide. So i would be a bit less enthusiastic about the relevance of fruits in a diet. I would even surmise that if you eat high quality proteins and fat, with all essential minerals and micro-nutrients, fruits are 100% optional.

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    Your body is telling you something. Sugar is life, ketosis is slow death.

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