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Thread: Has anyone actually made chocolate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathleen View Post
    Thanks for this recipe, just tried it with the ice tray. Purchased some sea salt (I love the dark chocolate bars with sea salt in them!) and used that as my salt and filler. I think I did a little too much salt, and not enough honey (only put in about half a tablespoon, should follow directions, argh!) but it's still quite a treat. The batch I made seems very rich, intense flavors. Better than the sugary tasting bars available at the store. What a treat, only needed on 'ice cube' chocolate--only filled the ice things about half full, so they have the same shape as those Dove chocolate treats.

    Wish you could taste it through the computer . Can't wait to try it with different things, I'm thinking Agave nectar next time. Super simple, all I needed to do was microwave the coconut oil and stir in ingredients.
    Awesome! Yes, they are very rich. Sometimes I only need a bite... but then I take a few more anyway

    It's a shame technology isn't that advanced... But if you really want me to taste them, you can send me as many of your chocolates as you like! I wouldn't mind passing along my mailing address.... Haha, kidding, kidding... (or am I..?)

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    Did much better with batch #2 (yes, already ate batch #1....)

    This time with organic agave nectar in place of honey *and* I went to the store and purchased 24 silicone candy trays:

    (with sea salt to flavor, too, but not quite as much as last time)

    These came out just right!
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    Those look delicious!!

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    I made a batch a couple of days ago and it came out nicely.
    I used double boiler method (bowl over the pot with water) to melt the following ingredients together:
    40g coconut butter,
    40g cocoa butter,
    20g clarified butter,
    6 tablespoons of cocoa powder,
    and 1 tblspn of honey.

    it's bitter but I like bitter chocolate. and I was hoping the bitterness would be too much for my partner to handle but no, he loves the coconut hint in it and in 3 days all most of these little chokies are gone.
    some vanilla extract would be nice but I didn't have any at the time.

    picture was taken at night so quality isn't great:

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