This is my first post on MDA, but I've followed the site since last summer, and am a fan of the recommendations.

I wanted to post a little about myself, my training and diet routine, and get some experienced primal feedback on my current plan.

I'm also a big fan of intermittent fasting (as prescribed by Martin Berkhan & Leangains) and used it successfully over the winter to complete a lean mass stage, where I gained roughly 8 lbs of mostly muscle over a 9 month period, and saw my lifts go up pretty well. I also wasn't perfect and used bread & pasta to meet the recommended carb intake... and I binge drank once a week more often than not (not very primal, but again, I refer to the 80/20 adherence). I've decided I would like to eliminate those foods for good, and not use mass gaining as a crutch. My carb intake targets were usually over 300g, and for those not familiar it is recommended you eat high carb/low fat on training days, and low carb/high fat on rest days.

August 2012 Max Numbers:

Bench - 155 lbs x 5
Deadlift - 245 lbs x 5
Squat - 175 lbs x 5
OHP - 95 lbs x 5

Current Max Numbers:

Bench - 170 lbs x 5 (+15 lbs)... I was up to 180x5 and realized I was flaring my elbows, and was forced to go back down and re-learn the lift. Hence the "slow" progress.
Deadlift - 320 lbs x 5 (+75 lbs)
Squat - 265 lbs x 5 (+90 lbs)
OHP - 125 lbs x 5 (+30 lbs)

Current Stats:

6'0 Male
177 lbs
Roughly 15% bodyfat

I have 3 years total of weight training experience, but I would say this past year has been the only year where I "got it". The other two were one step forward, two steps back in regards to muscle vs fat gain.

My workout routine (made by myself)

Stagnated reps are reverse pyramid style, where I lift heaviest weight first (numbers above) and then strip 10% weight off, go for one more additional rep. Keeps you lifting at/near failure throughout all sets. I didn't include warmups for simplicity sake.

I am a big fan of compound lifts, minimalistic approaches, and reverse pyramid.

day 1
squats, 4 sets for 5/6/7/8
romanian deadlift, 3 sets for 10 reps
calf raises, 3 sets for 15 reps

day 2
bench, 4 sets for 5/6/7/8
incline db, 3 sets for 8-6
pushups for burn, I get to 35 utilizing tyson 15 style

day 3
deadlift, 2 sets for 5/6 reps
Overhead Press, 3 sets for 5/6/7 reps
chinups, 3 sets for 6-8 reps
barbell row, 3 sets for 6-8 reps

Ok theres the introduction.


I track all my calories with myfitnesspal, and I have a way to ensure it is as close to 100% accurate as possible with a simple scale... I trust the numbers. Been doing it successfully day in and day out for 8 months now.

Right now I am currently trying to cut to below 10% bodyfat for summer. As I estimate my bodyfat to be around the 15% mark based on visual evidence paired with scale & prior caliper tests, I figure I have about 10 lbs to lose.

I am continuing my same workout routine, and with a daily energy expenditure of 2250 kCal, I am consuming 1550 calories on rest days (-30) and 2000 calories on training days (-10). This should allow me to lose a pound of fat per week. I plan to do this until I hit the 170 mark, then I will move to a more conservative -20/+10 (1800 calories rest days, 2500 training days) for the final 3-4 lbs. Strength retention is key, and hopefully some strength can still be added (especially when I hit the -20/+10 mark).

I've been doing this for the past 3 weeks and seen a 3 lb result (I started at 180). My strength has continued to slowly rise in the main lifts as well. So far so good.

My diet is typical for primal... lots of beef/chicken/fish/eggs coupled with salads & fruit. Pretty much all home cooked (I've become quite the amateur chef). My current carb intake is around 100g or less on rest days from fruits and veggies only, and 150g on training days from the same + a cup of rice and cup and a half of chocolate almond milk.

My main question / why I am posting here is to see if anyone can relate to my current way of doing things, and perhaps has a bit more experience. More specifically, what their carb intake is like (I eat rice / potatoes on occassion) and how important they feel it is to performing in the gym. And also what their protein intake is like. I strive for 0.82 grams per lb of lean body mass, as a minimum and do my best to exceed it. The only thing I change with my diet on training days is add a whey protein shake + chocolate almond milk post workout. This equates to roughly 450 calories, the exact extra amount I'm alotted.

Hoping this sparks some discussion so I can get into more specifics... its long enough as it is!!!