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Thread: Best 'ripe' color/softness for a banana to deliver maximum nutrition?

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    Best 'ripe' color/softness for a banana to deliver maximum nutrition?

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    I was listening to a podcast about when to eat a certain piece of fruit and thought about how bananas quickly go through such color, hard/soft variations...anyone know when is the best time to eat them? Or any other advice you have considering other fresh fruits and veggies and at which point to consume to deliver the most benefits? Thanks

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    You're overthinking it. Nutrition is mostly the same in ripe/unripe, the main difference is that unripe contains more starches and less sugar.
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    It's as much a matter of personal preference as anything. I like them delicately yellow with perky brown freckles. Raw green bananas give me heartburn.

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    Vine/tree ripened to its ripest point and consumed immediately after harvest is highest nutrition.

    Things picked prior to ripeness have less nutrition. This is part of the reason picking things then shipping them (like they do with green banana's) is suboptimal in comparison to local produce. In fact this is also why frozen produce many times has better nutritional value than "fresh" which was shipped from far away.

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