Hi I've been doing primal for about a week and thought I was doing well however not so sure now. I assumed because I'd cut out all bread, grains etc that my carbs would automatically be low but when I checked today, out of interest, they were 103!! I really wasn't expecting that and now I feel this is going to be hard. I loved that the idea that I didn't have to count anything as long as stuck to the rules but it now doesn't seem that way. How do you stick to under 50 carbs?

This is what I'm usually eating and if anyone has any advice I'd love to hear from you.

B - 1 avocado - 12g

L - 2 slices of bacon, 1 chorizo sausage (all good ingredients), 1 tomato 11g, 5 mushrooms 5g, 2 eggs - all fried up together in a good blob of duck fat.

D - Thai chicken curry - made from good shop bought paste and creamed coconut -3g with 1 big chicken thigh (save the rest for tomorrow) over a plate full of cabbage- 10/15g - fried in the saved fat that came off the chicken thighs.

Then I ate the chicken skins (all 5 of them, yum)

I put all of the above in 'my fitness pal' and it came up with 103g carbs so I've got to trust it - it must know more than me.

Got any advice?

Much appreciated.