I'm kind of freaking out. Back in July of '12, I asked the pediatrician to do some blood work for my son. It wasn't fasting:

Total Chol: 216
Trigs: 189
LDL: 123
HDL: 55
VLDL: 38

TSH: 2.045 (I don't have the lab report, so I don't know the normal ranges)
Free T4: 1.15

A1C: 6.2
Glucose: 131

My son also has severe ADHD and is medicated. The reason I mention that is because all of the sudden, he has become very impulsive again, and I started wondering yesterday if it could be food or season related. I'm not one to medicate easily, so I'm also not one to raise dosages simply because he's acting nuts for a couple weeks.

I tested his blood glucose last night and it was 171. I did a double take. We did (what was supposed to be) a fasting glucose this morning (I found out later he'd eaten a kiwi at 5:40am) and it was 143. I took it again a couple hours after he had 2 eggs (and some cheez-its given to him at the OT...not me!) and it was 169.

He's 12, skinny and muscular. No outward signs that I would have noticed for diabetes.

I'm trying not to completely lose my mind and do something knee jerk with his diet. He wanted to go for a walk (I homeschool him), so we walked about a mile. Then he was hungry so I made him a coconut milk smoothie (the full fat coco milk from a can) with blueberries and strawberries, coconut oil and a few drops of stevia and some celery with almond butter.

We are having his blood work repeated in the next few days (assuming the pediatrician agrees to my requests - lipid panel, A1C, Vit D, c peptide, c reactive protein, thyroid (T3, T4, TSH)) and I've made an appointment with a pediatric endocrine specialist. First appt was July!

I don't know enough about the nutrition of growing children to know how many carbs a day he should be eating. I will be attempting to get more good fats into him, like the coconut smoothies, etc. His biggest carb thing that he eats is fruit (not berries): apples, bananas and pears. I'm talking like 5 or 6 pieces of fruit a day. I told him he could now have 2-3 pieces a day. Does that sound reasonable?

Talk me off the ledge....