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Thread: Is obesity an immune response.

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    Is obesity an immune response.

    I have read a lot of information regarding obesity and there is the oft quoted association between obesity and systemic inflamation, with the inference that it is the abundance of fat which results in excess cytokines that cause inflamation.

    Reading in more with regard to leptins role in the immune system and the causes of elevated leptin levels I am starting to wonder if the entire process is not an immune response by the body.

    So, say we have the body finding itself in a defensive position, under siege from excessive carbohydrate, Omega 6, AGE's, environmental toxins etc. so it ramps up the immune system to process, eject or store & contain the toxic overload, hence we have a weight gain situation which goes hand in hand with higher leptin levels, which also set a new baseline level for inflamation.

    As Leptin level is roughly corrolated to adipose tissue, does this then suggest that the elevated state of inflamation is actually required to maintain the containment process within the adipose tissue and elswhere in the body to deal with toxins slipping through the containment lines.

    Whilst we continue to push crap into our mouths, this process is continuously being ramped up.
    Once we decide we can do better, then by reducing the crap going in, allows the body to better deal with and repair existing damage, but there is still the toxic dump in the adipose tissue that needs to be eliminated. So this would suggest that until the rest of the body is healed to some degree can the inflamation begin to subside gradually, but only at the rate with which the body can process the toxins coming out of the adipose tissue.

    So this hypothesis is that obesity is the desired result of inflamation enacted by the immune system.

    The article's and study's below suggests toxins are released during weight loss.

    If this is the case, then this begs the question of whether it is actually healthy to force a weight loss situation by calorie restriction, or is it more appropriate to assist the body by restricting the toxins ingested and providing it with nutrients density and allowing the body to deal with detoxing as it deems appropriate?

    Should CICO be pronounced SIcKO?
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