I've been on Levoxyl for 12 years. I was dx'd with hypothyroidism while pregnant with my first child. I had a goiter at the time (which has been biopsied numerous times over the years), which I think is how I first found out about the hypo.

Fast forward to now...my goiter is still in existence. I take .2 of Levoxyl/day, and 2 pills on Sundays. My goiter had gotten to be quite large, at least that's how it felt to me. I read about iodine and goiters, so I started taking 300mcg of iodine liquid/day a few months ago. My goiter immediately got smaller. Like within a day or so. I should note: I do NOT have Hashimoto's. I had my endo test for that back in December and my test indicated no inflammation (result was 33). I bought a different iodine supplement recently, and 1 drop=600mcg of iodine. My goiter is even smaller now.

I had blood drawn this week and should get my results in a day or so. But until then, I'm wondering:

1. My LDL, since going Primal a year ago, has steadily increased from 98 in 3/12 to 151 in 12/12. Does thyroid function have anything to do with this? (My other lipid panel numbers in 12/12 were: total 225, trig 114, HDL 51, VLDL 23. MY A1C was 5.8, and has steadily decreased since going Primal...the high was 6.6 back in 3/12. My Vit D was low as of my last bloodwork in 12/12, with result of 25.9. I take 5000IU/day now.

2. My hair is falling out again, despite my best efforts of taking biotin and many other supps (not just for hair). This is recurring with me...but the endo says it's not my thyroid. TSH was .037 (12/12) down from .349 (5/12). T4, free was 1.49 in 12/12, TPO was 33, T3, free, serum was 2.9.

3. Does it appear that my thyroid would be causing issues with weight loss according to the numbers? I realize it's not all about numbers and that the body is a very complicated, interconnected system...but surely the numbers can help?