I caught a cold a couple weeks ago and then suddenly it took a turn for the worse. I believe it turned into a sinus infection. I really didn't want to take antibiotics so I was looking online and I found that they've done some experimenting with disrupting the biofilms that protect the bacteria from your immune system. Xylitol nasal sprays seem to work (and sugar-free gum works on teeth because plaque is a biofilm) and so does rinsing the nasal passages with baby shampoo.

Well, I didn't have any baby shampoo so I tried dishwashing detergent thinking it would have the same detergent properties and possibly the anti-microbial properties as J&J baby shampoo. I didn't have a neti pot but I did have a bulb syringe. So I made a weak solution of Dawn and squirted it up my nose a couple of times. It felt pretty good afterwards. I did it twice. Today the congestion is gone. It worked! I still feel sick but I think that is because my immune system is cleaning up after the little buggers.

Here's where I found the info.
The Highly Effective (But Little Known) Treatment For Chronic Sinusitis