I had a sick day yesterday and stayed home and watched this documentary on You Tube about Atlantis:
ATLANTIS the lost continent - part 1 - One of the best. - YouTube

This got me thinking about what kind of diet Atlanteans ate. If it was a real place, it seems it was advanced beyond what we normally hear about the Paleolithic era. They did not live like Grok, at least not until it sank.

Paleolithic Timeline | Paleo Diet History | Book List | Evolvify
Comparing the 2 timelines, Altantis was in its height about 50,000 BC.

This blogger says there was agriculture as far back as 100,000 years ago, including barley:
Frontiers of Anthropology: Reassessment of Atlantean Agriculture

Cro-Magnon man must have been Atlantean according to this blogger. He also says there is evidence that Grok had clothes:
new illuminati: Atlantis and Cro-Magnon Man

The world famous cave art, found mostly in the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Mountains in France and Spain is Cro-Magnon in origin. Sometimes they are in simulated bas-relief. The quality of perspective and proportion depicted in these paintings astounded the art world when discovered (noted artists believed them to be modern fakes). However, it was noticed that some of them had thin mineral coatings deposited over their surfaces, which allowed for dating of the paintings: some have been dated in excess of 30,000 years (Pfeiffer, 1969; Thorndike, 1977; Hadingham, 1979). This remarkable cave art appears to have begun with the Aurignacians, ending in Magdalenian times. (Click here for a Cave Drawing of a Magdalenian woman.)
Mankind is rarely depicted, but the few representations we have found are somewhat startling. Cro-Magnon Man often depicted those of his own kind with a sense of humor: many are caricatures, although a few examples are realistic. Man is also depicted as clean-shaven, wearing shoes, pants, coats, and even hats (Hadingham, 1979). No shaggy-haired, animal-skin covered savages here! Instead we have sewn clothes, tailored with collars and sleeves, pants with legs, even bracelets and necklaces! In fact real jewelry begins at this time (Charroux, 1970). Numerous bone needles have been found (with tiny eyes), as well as obsidian "razors". These are civilized people attempting to make best in primitive conditions!