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Thread: Statin Nation available on Youtube:

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    Statin Nation available on Youtube:

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    STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (Full Movie) - YouTube

    Examine the role in heart disease, pharmaceutical companies and where guidelines came from.

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    Thank you!
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    I loved this almost as much as Fat Head! I'm sharing it with my folks. My dad has been full-on paleo for two years and now, in his mid-60's, I'd put him against the average forty-something American in any health metric. But my mom is still popping her statins and following CW, but this great documentary might change her mind.

    One small aspect of 'Statin Nation' that was great was that it didn't mince words about Ancel Keys's fraud. It wasn't "sloppy" or "an innocent mistake". He was, for reasons unknown, a scientific fraudster, media darling, and fierce political activist for the lipid hypothesis. I'm sure he didn't adhere to his own junk science, but if he had and he'd died early, the world would be so much healthier right now.

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