Hi All,

I'm new to the whole Primal thing (My book arrives tomorrow!) but looking forward to getting started!

I had a few questions which I was hoping some of you gym goers can help me with:

High quality whey protein, can I still take this? I work in an office so struggle to get regular breaks and the food on offer is typical english garbage, i.e sausage rolls, mayo laden sandwiches etc. I have 4 a day which is equivalent to just 20g of carbs and 100g of protein...

Creatine? I'm guessing this is fine considering it is a natural substance found in meat?

ZMA? Zinc magnesium and vit B6....2 caps before I got to bed, I assume that this is ok as it is natural again?

Tribulus? Basically a plant extract....I'm hoping this is ok too?

I'm currently a "no veg" guy, I hate the stuff, but have just bought a vitamix and I'm hoping green smoothies will help me as it tends to be the texture I don't seem to like.

Looking forward to sharing recipes with you guys!