Hello all,

I just recently went (like 90% or so) primal, I stopped eating wheat a while back already.
I feel like I'm eating / snackin' all day, 4 to 6 times, but still I am not really satisfied like I used to after a meal, a little like I'm missing something? In between meals I get a little weak, tired and lethargic, this makes me want to grab some chocolate.

Today, so far, I had, breakfast / lunch:
3 cups of spinach, avocado, celery, orange, banana smoothie.
3 egg omelet with some leftover chicken filet in tomato sauce and olive oil.
1 piece of banana / almond meal / coconut cream bread / cake.
couple cups of green tea, couple small bottles of water.

Diner will be some more chicken filet, some bacon and various veggies, some raw, some stir fried in coconut cream and the rest of the smoothie, like 1,5 cup. Probably will have some red wine in the evening and some almonds.

Any thoughts?