I am wondering if anyone feels this way, and why perhaps it can be difficult to maintain a low carb, high animal protein diet.
When I eat low carb, (little/no fruit, dairy, nuts, just veg and meat and eggs), after a few days, the thought of animal products make me ill, and the taste is totally unappealing. However, when I do eat this way, I feel great- good digestion, good sleep, good energy, good mood etc.

What I WANT to eat looks more like- lots of fruit, nut butters, and rice, oats (duck for cover). I am scared to eat this way, as it is not optimal for health and don't carbs make us fat???? (I'm trying to lean out some, hence the attempts at LC)

So, anyway, wondering if anyone else feels this way and how you handle it. Where is the line between enjoying our food and eating what we "should"?