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Thread: IF fasting ready set go!

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    IF fasting ready set go!

    New to this... sorry for those who see repeat threads...

    I've read thread on IF and still have some questions...

    1. So, you just pick one type of IF... one includes a 4-7 hour window of eating...
    is that for 2 meals? 1 meal? can that window be at anytime you want? do you have to stick to specific time everyday?

    2. I'm a little scared to do IF because when I go back to eating normal will I just gain back the weight I lost? like your body doesn't go into starvation mode and just HOLD everything in?? Anyone have experience good or bad with that?

    3. how long do you do it for? every other day for 2 weeks? 5 days straight? how long?

    4. what do you like to all eat on it? just regular primal eating right?

    I'm want to try this because I'm not losing weight. I've been on Primal since January.. thought I'd give it a shot
    why not!?
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