I made my first batch of head cheese last night and it turned out incredible so I thought I'd share it with you all since it was super easy. I made a smaller batch since it was my first time but the ratios worked out perfect. I pretty much just followed the MDA post from a few days ago but I'll tell you anyway cause I'm so excited about it. For the lean meat I used some grass fed stew meat I had in the freezer.

All you need:

2 pigs feet (washed)
~1lb stew meat
2 bay leaves
lots of black pepper

I put the pigs feet in the pot with the bay leaves and covered with water. Brought it to a boil then reduced to a simmer, covered it and left for class. When I came home I threw in the stew meat and let it go for another few hours. You'll know its done when the stew meat is falling apart. Then I poured it through a strainer to filter out the bones/fat/meat. The broth was incredible by itself, so gelatinous! I set the broth aside and spread the meat/bones on a baking tray and allowed it to cool enough that I could work with it. I left it work so it would still be easy to separate. As I separated it all the bones went back into the pot for a separate round of bone broth (not used in the head cheese). The remainder of the meat/fat, I spread on baking sheet and put in the fridge. After about a half an hour I took it out and chopped it up, adding it to the broth. I like mine extra meaty so I put it all in. Then I dumped in a bunch of black pepper and poured it into a glass baking pan and into the fridge. It set up in about an hour and it is delicious. The consistency is amazing and it was super easy.

Next time I'm going to throw in some curry seasoning and turmeric. Definitely try this!