Full article <here> but in short two of my biggest tips to be kind to yourself, not sabotage yourself and enjoy social situations are:

Scenario 1: They go to a bar. You don't drink. Order a seltzer water in a martini glass with a lime.

Scenario 2: They go out to eat. You want to stay paleo. You have two choices:

1. Get any meat/fish item grilled with only spices to season, no breading, no sauce. Order two vegetable sides.

2. Get a basic salad. They have them everywhere. It is one of the least expensive items you can order. Ask for oil and vinegar dressing where they bring you a bottle of oil and a bottle of vinegar. Use this for dressing. Go light on the oil.

If you know ahead of time, you can make a restaurant survival kit with items you can add to a plain salad and make it a bit more exciting.

What are your best tips for someone struggling or a paleo newbie?