Alright, I went on a 43 mile bike ride today and thought all I needed was some coconut oil mixed with butter and a couple of those coconut oil, nut, coffee, date balls that I made from a recipe on this site. I figured the rest stops would have bananas etc. (It was an organized ride).
Welllll, After the second long hill (I live in the NW) and getting to the last rest stop about 2pm.
THEY RAN OUT OF FOOD. So no bananas. All that was left were bagels and I refuse to eat those. I thought I would be fine with the snacks I had brought but evidently there was not enough carbs for the level of activity I was performing.
Half way up the next set of hills I lost it. I felt just awful. My entire body was shaking, I felt like I was going to puke and I just had to get off the bike and sit down. I felt like I had been hit by a wall. That has never happened to me before. The muscles in my body would not work any longer. Fortunately I realized I had thrown an orange in my bike bag just before we took off so that got me to a safer place and a spot I could find a banana. (some wonderful Canadian woman on a motorcycle heard me ask for a banana at a restaurant in the next tiny town we came to and offered me one out of her motorcycle panniers.
Wow, I learn something new all the time. Always before, I just ate the cookies etc. that were laid out for us on those rides. From now on I am bringing my own bananas.