Don't have it yet, but last week I got my bloods done, and I just got a call from my doctor's surgery. They want to see me. My last blood work was two years ago, and I didn't even get a phone call.

I got cholesterol, thyroid (just TSH), and Ferritin checked. I'm anticipating that my cholesterol has gone up from the already "high" figure it was when I was veggie (6.2 / 239.75. LDL- 3 / 116, HDL:3.2 / 123), and that my doc wants to give me a lecture about cutting down on fat and animal products (he's vegetarian).

However, I suspect I have thyroid issues. If my LDL has gone up it may be a marker of that.

We've got free health care here, and my doc thinks understanding medicine is only for the chosen ones. Asking him to give me a full thyroid panel will be like drawing blood (from a stone).

Any suggestions on what can I say to convince him? Should I talk about the LDL-thyroid link? Should I play dumb (I'm good at that )?