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Thread: Is Microwaving that bad?

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    more on microwave dangers-
    Microwave Oven Risks: Your Food and You! -

    I threw out my microwave ovens several years ago, partly because Mercola's sponsorship of the European doctor who was gagged from saying what he had discovered, and partly because hubby worked on microwaves, and almost lost a friend to a faulty microwave oven. I use a countertop convection oven, turbo oven, and burner top (no full range) for all my cooking needs.

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    So basically it sounds like I shouldn't be reheating much in my microwave, though once in a while won't hurt. Any suggestions for quick ways to reheat foods without a microwave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndChance View Post
    Dude, I dunno where the other posters get their info, but I've read of a LOT of hazards to microwaving, including it altering the chemical structure of compounds in fruits and vegetables making them carcinogenic. It's not that inconvenient to heat things on the stove top, in a toaster oven, or in a rice cooker. I don't have a microwave and I don't miss it at all.

    Here's an article from a fairly reputable source for you to consider-- I haven't read it but I have a feeling people would discredit the articles I have read because of where they were published because no one wants to admit that radiating food is probably dangerous. It's just like people who don't want to admit fast food is dangerous because it's so convenient. Convenience will be the death of us all, I swear...

    The Proven Dangers of Microwaves
    Microwave Cooking is Killing You!

    Seems she actually died of a blood clot, not microwaved blood...

    Having said that, I gave my microwave to a charity shop because I so rarely used it. Not because I thought it harmed food - just because I couldn't find a use for it apart from cooking carrots (which it did superbly). If cooking in the oven - then there is room to cook other foods in it too. If steaming - easy to add another layer. I just found it was using up space on my work surface which I could keep a juicer or blender on instead....
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