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Thread: Primal Causing Vision Problems?

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    Primal Causing Vision Problems?

    Primal eating is causing me vision problems. Specifically, whenever I start eating primally, within 48 hours, I am start having accommodation problems with my eyes. I get a lot of strain and headaches. Driving is the worst, but it happens in any situation where I have to rapidly change focal distance (e.g. crowded rooms). If I add back in wheat products, my eyes return to "normal" very quickly.

    My doctors (ophthalmologist and general) don't think it is blood sugar related (it's not high when eating a conventional diet) or vitamin problems (would take longer than 48 hours to show up). All other blood work is normal.

    The theory we're working on now (and it could be a stretch) is that I'm sensitive to gluten in that it suppresses my serotonin levels. This makes sense, because improvement of low serotonin levels is one thing I really notice while eating primally. The connection to my eyes could be that a side effect of SSRIs (which also boost serotonin levels) is the same vision problems I'm having. This is the most reasonable explanation we've come up with to account for the rapid onset of the problem when I cut gluten and it going away when I add gluten back in. Note: i get the problem whether I'm high or low carb level primal, so I'm pretty certain it is the gluten.

    I want to eat primally. Other than the vision issues, it is very positive for me... rapid, consistent weight loss, improved mood, sustained energy, easy to do. I ate primally for 6 months last year and lost 80 pounds. I had the vision problem the whole time. It was only when I stopped, that I made the connection to diet. I've started many times since and only make it a week or so before I revert back to conventional eating to "fix" my eyes.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Did it go away? Perhaps I need to set up a schedule to ween myself off gluten more slowly than going cold turkey. If I determine that I need to keep some gluten in my diet, are there less bad versions?

    Edited to add: I don't add anything to my diet when I go primal, just removing things--refined grains, sugar.
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