I've set some fairly tough (by my standards) goals with my trainer and as a result am really increasing the intensity of my workouts.

I'm working on a 16 week programme, 3 x a week full body workouts consisting of a heavy day, a medium day and a lighter day. On a weekly basis I will increase load for each of three weeks, with a fourth lighter week.

I'm a week and a half in and loving the extra intensity, however I'm finding that on the day after my heavy day I'm feeling pretty tired - physically tired, not just muscle fatigue - and also pretty hungry.

I currently eat very low carb as I'm still wanting to lose fat and am happy with this for now.

I don't really want to enter into the higher/lower carb argument, but as far as nutrition before/after workouts I accept that I may possibly need to increase carbs. At the moment I tend to have coffee with coconut oil an hour or so before workouts (as I really don't like to eat beforehand) and afterwards I either just have a normal meal or make a smoothie with protein powder (plant based as I can't handle whey), some berries, maybe a banana and some coconut milk and/or water. I'm not so keen on the smoothie option but I do some of my workouts in the evenings and it's getting late when I'm home so I don't want to be cooking and eating a big meal.

Your thoughts will be gratefully received?