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Thread: Greetings from the UK - Muscle or Fat ?

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    Greetings from the UK - Muscle or Fat ?

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    I started a primal path about 12 months ago after picking Mark's book up whilst on holiday in California. I lost 53lbs in just 6 months and dropped from 36/38 inch waist to a 30 inch waist. I have maintained a steady weight of 162-165lbs since. I did this with very little exercise. This brings me to a quick opening question.

    Over Easter I went away with my partner for a long planned indulgence. I knew the 'diet' would go out of the window and I would suffer the effects on my return but this short trip was very much once in a lifetime. As a pledge to myself I promised on my return that I would 1. Return to my primal eating. 2. I would start a workout/exercise programme.

    4 weeks on and I appear to be gaining weight. On return from my trip I had as predicted added 2/3lbs. This worried me very little as I returned to primal eating. I also, as promised, have been doing 20/30 minute intense weight/body workouts with Kettleball / hand weights etc at home 4/5 times per week. Yet today I weigh 171lbs the heaviest I have been for 5 months. Now I don't feel fatter or bloated, indeed my stomach seems quite flat. My clothes still fit fine. So my questions is how likely is this going to be muscle gain in just 4 weeks? When I look in the mirror I think my arms look a little bigger/toned but always concerned you see a little bit of what you want to see. I'm not all about the scales but it does seem odd to have gained 5/8lbs suddenly after 6 months steady weight.

    Anyone had similar experience? Is exercise really making that much difference to muscle mass this quickly?

    Would appreciate any thoughts


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    Hi Robert,

    Just speculating here but if you've increased your resistance training then after 4 weeks you would expect weight gain from muscle. Muscles have two ways of becoming heavier - through getting bigger or through becoming denser (tone).

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