I'm a 25 year old female born and bred in good ol' London Town. Been playing around with Primal for about a year now but what with stupid hours at work, amazing restaurants, friends cooking dinner, and more and more excuses, I haven't managed to stick with the nutrition plan. I'm 5' 6" and fluctuate between about 134-140 pounds - by no means overweight but the wheat belly is the problem, and I need to start listening to my own aversion technique (my stomach simply can't handle bread and pasta-esque products and lets me know pretty quickly!).
Used to look a lot more toned and after moving out of my parents' home and not being able to afford a gym membership any more what with rent 'n' all, my exercise levels are at an all time low, so I need to start incorporating more exercise into daily life.
Amazingly, a very close friend of mine has just been turned onto Paleo by his personal trainer, and this has been a wake up call for me - someone who knows what I'm talking about finally, therefore someone who will hold me accountable if I don't stick to a 30 day challenge, woohoo! It's weird how it works, but I feel so much more dedicated now I know someone else is there doing it alongside me (although his version is far stricter with 'cheat' days so I'm trying really hard to get him reading up on MDA to make his own mind up and not just doing what his PT says!).
I'm going to focus on the nutrition side of Primal for the moment, because my exercise time is taken up with training for the Moonwalk (a marathon walk through the night) in 4 weeks. Once that's over I hope to get back into running, weights, and hopefully boxing. I think 80/20 is sensible for my diet at the moment because I've been having some carbs during training walks, and I don't have the same reaction to potatoes and rice as I do wheat/gluten products - nevertheless I will still keep these to a minimum (usually when going to friends' houses for dinner, they always make a bloody risotto!). I also eat yoghurt and some cheese because I don't have lactose intolerance and I have premature osteoporosis so am aware of giving my body calcium etc! I'm not going to count calories or track protein/fat/carb levels obsessively because I have far too much going on at work, so for the moment it's about changing my diet and listening to my body, we'll see if that helps shift a few pounds before summer holidays!

Right! So I'm on day 4! It's been going well, lots of meat and veg, possibly too much fruit but I say if it keeps me away from the beige stuff let's go with it for the mo.... See what happens today, I have dinner in a restaurant to come....