Hey All, I really didn't know what other forum tab I should of put this under... but oh well here it goes!

I've been Primal (no cheating) since January. I haven't lost any weight.. I even fluctuate up and level out.

I'm not going to give you a list of reason, excuses, because that just waisting your time. I'm here to give you facts~ down to the point so I can get you lovely peoples wondrous options and help/advise
I track, I count carbs, I started with atkins it didn't work, I don't have thyroid issues, I work out
Body: 5'4'' female 165lbs. I have muscle. I just need to lose that extra 15 lbs. I think I look great at 150
I eat 1500-1600 calories a day,
When I was eating PALEO:
25%protien 5-10%carbs 65% fat this was when I was on PALEO

now that i'm on Primal I eat banana in the morning and not as much fat (I'm not sure of those ratios) I was losing my mind tracking, not losing, and blah blah blah worrying way too much. On Paleo i was at about 20 net carbs and now on Primal I'm about 50-60. I thought maybe lower lower 20 carbs wasn't making me lose to I wanted to up my carbs (adding in fruit and yams) to see if it would make a difference.
I switched because i wasn't losing weight. I'm still not now...

menu: Breakfast: Always tea w/ a little xylitiol (it doesn't bother me)
Eggs, mushrooms, mozzarella
or Almond flour and coconut mixed together
or banana or Oppsie roll turkey sammy

lunch: burger no bun (sometimes with cheese usually not) with onions, tomatoes, cucumber

Dinner: Chicken, yam, onions OR chicken fajitas

snack: almond flour muffin (no sugar no honey) or cucumber w little tuna, bell peppers, or banana

I mix it up. I make sure to not eat too many almonds its either my snack OR my breakfast never together on the same day. never 2 bananas. so forth.

UGH what is wrong with my body!! why does it work for everyone but me! WHATS WRONG WITH ME~
I still have my wheat belly haha

thanks all ...