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    Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. I will look into some of those blogs and resources you recommend.

    To answer ombat's question, I haven't been tracking my exact carbs but maybe I will try that. Also, good advice about "no cheating" while I heal myself.

    And I have not been exercising enough. I think a 30-60 minute walk every day in the sunshine would do me some good. I know there are other exercises I should be doing but for now that is what is stress free and what I feel like I can manage. Primal has been a major overhaul on my life, so when I first started, I stopped exercising because of the amount of time focusing on eating right was taking - I was not used to cooking everything myself - I figured getting into healthy eating habits was more important than exercising.

    I am a PhD student and life is hectic to say the least ...

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    Moderate exercise is a big help as well. Even just walking as long as it is consistent and I found it best to go at least 45 minutes at a time.

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    I'm just asking because you may not be getting as much as you think you are. For instance you mention dairy and coconut products, which would not be included in carbohydrate intake (neither would non-starchy veggies).

    Walks in the sun sound like a great idea - exercise and vitamin D, in which most people are deficient. Fermented Cod Liver Oil is also good for vitamin D if you need it, and can help improve mood.

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