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Thread: 6 Week Cutting Primal + IF(Warrior) Diet (1600-1700 cals)

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    6 Week Cutting Primal + IF(Warrior) Diet (1600-1700 cals)

    Hi, lets get straight to the point!

    I'm implementing a Primal + IF(Warrior) Diet. typically 20:4

    1 Massive meal a day, I definitely prefer 1 massive meal as composed to many as I can eat non-stop all I want If I wanted to so this will help me portion control much easier and gives me a more flexible schedule.

    19 years old 5"10
    150 lbs/68 kg
    10-12% BF

    Goal: Lower that BF to the minimum and shred off a bit of facial fat in preparation for my 30th May Holiday, Woah!

    Weight Training about 4/5 times a week. (1-2 mid Cardio per week)

    Diet Plan: (Typically laying at 1600-1700 cals with a maintaince of 2300)
    30g Shredded Coconut - 20g fat, 2g carbs, 2g protein
    250g Salmon - 35g fats, 60g protein
    250g Cabbage - 5g carbs, 3g protein
    250g Mushrooms - 10g protein
    6 Whole Eggs - 33g fats, 38g protein
    All of the above will take me to around 1400 cals giving me roughly 200-300 cals spares in which i will put chicken breast/bacon/other meat + extra vegs of my choice to hit the 1600-1700 cals. about 40g protein 5g carbs.

    Total Marcos (rounded, sorry if I'm a little off):
    90 Fats
    160 protein
    15 carbs

    Take ideas from my thread and join me if you want!

    Thoughts, expected results, suggestions extremely appreciated! thanks for reading! (:
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