None of us have been seasonal allergy sufferers...until now. This time last year we lived in our camper at a state park in GA--there was so much pollen that the lake's tide was yellow. We swam in that pollen water every other day and never had a sniffle. This year we live in a house in TN and for the past month our 5-year-old daughter has not been able to breathe and constantly has snot flowing from her nose. My husband and I are mildly congested compared to her, but it's still more than we're used to on a daily basis. I know that allergens in this region are supposedly some of the highest in the US, but this seems like night and day. There is also a paper mill nearby, which our daughter is exposed to more than we are because her school is just down the road from it. :/

We've tried nettle tea w/local raw honey, but she's isn't very fond of it and only drinks a little so I doubt it's enough to help. I got a NeilMed sinus rinse bottle but she hates it and will only let us do it if she's really uncomfortable. She plays outside every single day (well, unless it's raining, and even then if it's not bad) so it's not like she's cloistered indoors all the time. I'm a believer in the hygiene hypothesis, so we don't typically use antibacterials to clean our home, just natural (and mostly homemade) products.

I finally broke down and gave her Claritin because she was getting so bad at school that the teachers were getting tired of it. It's starting to help a little, but not much. I'd much rather have a non-pharmaceutical solution to the problem though. My Googling isn't turning up much so I thought I'd ask here.