I've been toying with the idea of writing one of these for a few weeks now, ever since I bit the bullet and decided to embrace the Primal WOE/WOL... It's not easy in the UK - primal/paleo is still a really, really niche interest (even more so than in the US) and fellow travellers are hard to find. I'd been treading a LC path for a while and enjoying it, but felt as if I needed to branch out a little; make it more about life and not just about food. So, MDA and the PB brought me here!

Sleep, play, sunshine (not much of that here!) and super-delicious, amazing food. What's not to like? This is the point where I admit I'm pretty lazy and still not fully on board with the whole exercise thing - even though I know how great it will make me feel; fitting it in... aaargh. But I see planks in my future...

I work fulltime, I have a young son (9yo) who is partly-primal, and a SO who is also as primal as I can get him (but who is wedded to his Standard British Diet too...baby steps, yes?) I'm 40 this year, so I guess this is my midlife crisis...

I used to write journals/diaries A LOT when I was younger (cringe) - hopefully this won't be as knuckle-gnawingly awful as they were! I don't know how this is going to turn out - might be a list of foods, might be a place to open up, who knows?

I'll record some stats, just 'cos I feel I should:
5' 7"
Almost 40
Weaknesses: bacon, dark chocolate, blue cheese, eating coconut oil by the spoonful (not too bad, huh?!)

140lb by July would be great, but it's not a mission. We'll see. I just know how much better I feel eating this way. PB has made me feel great about food, excited about it. I experiment now! And I finally feel like I know my body better. I've even started IF sometimes - just because I can. It's amazing. I eat only when I'm hungry, which is utterly new to me because before LC/primal I was hungry ALL THE TIME. And mainly for chocolate

So, that's it. Food so far today: one apple, one banana, one large spoonful coconut oil. One cup of revolting hospital canteen cappuccino with half a sachet of sugar to make it mildly less revolting. Dinner will be panfried pollock fillets with roasted broccolli, red peppers and buttered spring greens. Love it.