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Thread: I have a confession to make...forgive me dear Grok for I have sinned

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    I have a confession to make...forgive me dear Grok for I have sinned

    I' fell off the wagon about 4 weeks ago, fell so far that I couldn't even see the damn thing.

    It started when I got sick (nasty stomach virus) then as I was almost cured I got the flu and got completely derailed, to make matters worse, my parents were visitting for the last two weeks, so that meant eating out a lot, I tried to eat at least 60% paleo, but that wasn't the case most times.

    For the past week I've even eaten a lot of junk food and I felt awful every single day, I had forgotten what all those carbs and refined sugars did to my body, but still, I couldn't stop, I still craved that crap even though I knew I would feel like sh!t 5 minutes later.

    Also, because I was sick, I couldn't work out, it has been 3 weeks since my last crossfit WOD.

    Now I'm getting back on it today, I don't think I did too much damage weight wise, I don't use a scale, I go by clothe/belt size and by how I feel/look and I'm still where I was at 4 weeks ago, probably carrying a few extra pounds of water weight.

    My plan:
    1) 24 hour fast: I started yesterday at 9:30 pm.
    2) First week will be 100% paleo, very low carb, no cheat meals.
    3) Defined goal: I might visit my family in two months, they last saw me in December, after I had been eating paleo for 1.5 months and they were all amazed at how I looked, my goal is to lose more weight, enough to amaze them again, to have some sort of guideline, I bought some size 36 jeans that currently fit but are a little snug, my goal is to have them fit loose and be able to rock some 34's.
    4) Exercise: I need to go back to doing crossfit, that will take care of my core strength, flexibility and legs, I will also join a gym to complement it with some weight lifting, I find that some muscles don't get a full workout on CF, at least not enough to stimulate growth, specially pecs, biceps, traps and triceps.

    Well, that's pretty much it, I guess that writing it and sharing with you guys will help me to hold myself accountable and motivate me to do it.

    If anyone has had any similar experiences or any tips or advice that they want to share, please feel free to do so!.

    Grok on brothers and sisters!

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