Hi all,

I see there is a leptin thread down below, but I was specifically just curious if I should try a leptin refeed.

Brief context:
- First round of primal about 2 1/2 years ago. Went from 177lbs to 162lbs (5'11 male) which was about 22+% BF to about 16ish% BF. Kinda stalled out there. Became a little less disciplined (though no much) and got back up almost to the same weight.
- Round 2 of primal started in August. Am back down to about 164 (possibly a smidge of muscle gained since round 1. Lost it doing primal and running 5-6x/week. Pretty low carb. Usually 50-70g/day.
- Introduced leangains-ish approach. I.e., daily intermittent fasting 16hrs. Eat more on lifting days, less on rest days. Usually about 1800-1900 calories on lift days, 1400-1600 calories on rest days.

Anyway, I have been pretty stalled for awhile. Though leptin refeeds seem to be recommended at a lower BF%, I wonder if I should try it given I have been fairly stalled and my calories are pretty low for my size IMO. PS: I'm at about 16-17% BF right now.