I know, I know. There is probably a few dozen posts from people that have stalled in their weight loss.

Right or wrong, I feel it does not apply to me as it's not my post it's theirs.

I am in a funk as the last 3 weeks I'm not just sitting still but actually have a couple of measurements that have increased. Not ones that I would expect ie from gaining muscle etc.

I track everything on MFP. According to it, I should be consuming 1320 cals to lose 2 lbs per week. My macros are set for 65.7 % fat, n 33.1% Proteins. I actually hit in the 70% for fat fairly easily most days, but sometimes have problems (too lean of meats?). I also have a negative for cals from the 1320 allotted because of exercise. Meaning, I'm usually around ( or at least) 300 negative cals a day for what MFP has calculated. Hence, I should be dropping weight like crazy. I was....up till 3 weeks ago.

I walk at least an 1 1/2 hours a day. Swim moderately for 1 hour a day/6days a week. Also, just purchased a new Bowflex which I'm using every 2 nd or 3rd day. Mostly upper body and ab work. Nothing too much I don't think. One exercise to muscle fatique, ie around 7 reps as I believe Mark has recommended.

I have my days, like I'm sure others do, whereas I don't eat exactly what I should, but it's rare. I'm just about always below the cals. I know...cals in and cals out does not always work.

I stay away from grains, sugar etc and just about all dairy. Only dairy I really consume is a whey protein shake when I go to swim and work out. I was worried my protein for being that active would not be enough. Only thing I've really changed.

As I said.....I'm not worried so much about weight. Extra weight could be just a little more muscle. However, when I'm putting on a 1/4 " or 1/2 " around areas like stomach, hips etc...it's not muscle...LOL

Should I be trying to do something else to shake up my body? Different sort of eating? Fasting? Potatoe diet for a week or something?

Thanks for reading and any advice I may get.

Great community.

Flame away at me, oh wise ones! LOL