I am a little fearful with this fact. Im 32, my grandfather died of BC when he was in his 50s. Im never constipated but I seem to be having regular diarrhoea over the last few years where it occurs every couple of weeks. Iv seen doctors a few times but its always the same "your too young to have BC"... I know I don't HAVE it but I concerned Im heading for it. Iv been into health for many years. I googled causes for BC and some of the "risk" factors listed are diets high in fat and animal products. Iv been primal for just over a month now, so far Im enjoying it for various reasons, I was amazed to get my cholesterol results today (I know conventional testing is useless) but I was surprised to find that according to Dr my numbers were fine. TC 3.7mmol/L, T 0.4mmol/L, HDL 1.42mmol/L, LDL 1.49mmol/L, Total/HDL 2.6 ? despite the larger intakes of fat including saturated animal fat. Im eating 500g animal protein per day, with breakfast being either omelette with 4 eggs or a protein shake with avocado, almond milk banana, maybe lettuce or zucchini blended in, vegetables I try to have some 3 times daily as well as fruit, obviously no grains. The diarrhoea I don't think is related to Primal cos Iv been like this a few years and primal only just over a month. I feel bloated a lot over the past few years but Iv found it is possibly related to foods of the FODMAP group and cutting them out seems to help.

Any primals that have put a lot of research into this area???