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Thread: How's my squat-free lifting plan look?

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    How's my squat-free lifting plan look?

    So I'm a 23year old, 6'4 220lb guy who started a Starting Strength program this January. It was giving me good gains, but I was miserable the entire time. I have a curved spine and the squats were really screwing up my back. I met with a good certified SS coach, but even after $75 he couldn't change the way my lower back is naturally hyper-extended. I spent the past 2 months with a chiropractor, and now I can get a full nights sleep pain free. Luckily during that time I dropped 15lbs (from 235), without losing anything in my deadlift/press.

    So anyways, I started a new program loosely based on Dan John's Easy Strength. It appealed to me because it a) didn't require squats and b) was flexible in schedule. I'm a full-time worker, full-time grad student so my days are random and crazy. I basically have Sat/sun for sure open (although some weekends I travel to see the girlfriend), and sometimes I will have a weeknight open too.

    Here is what I do in the gym, 1x to 2x per week:

    1. Deadlift: 3x3, reverse pyramid (first set PR, 2nd set 10lbs off, 3rd set another 10lbs off)
    2. Overhead barbell press: 3x3 (same as deadlift, but with -5lbs descending)
    3. Heavy kettlebell swing: 25-50 swings, then increase the kettlebell
    4. Heavy farmers walk around the gym (using the 2x 70lb kettlebells, trying for further distance. Soon I'll start working on the heavy dumbbells.
    5. 5x ab-roller rollouts

    I've took my deadlift up +50lbs in the past 5 workouts (~3 weeks), and my press is increasing.

    On nights I get home earlier or when I am doing homework, I work on my bodyweight exercises with planks/pull-ups/pushups. Also with mobility stuff and stretching, the "grok squat" is doing wonders.

    Also, sprinting about 1x a week.

    Thoughts? Is there an imbalance that may cause trouble down the line? Is 1x a week with the bodyweight+sprint enough?

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