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Thread: Thoughts on Rejuvelac and a place for it in the PB Nutrition plan?

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    Thoughts on Rejuvelac and a place for it in the PB Nutrition plan?

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    I searched and didn't find anything in the forum. I've made rejuvelac, love it when it's a good, fizzy batch but do not know how the 'fermentation' benefits balance against the entire sprouted wheat grain soaking. Anything bad from the grain soaking (gluten? phytates? lectin?) into the drink? Will it cause a glycemic spike? Thank you.

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    Well, the Weston A. price foundation advocates consumption of soaked, sprouted, and fermented grains, but some people just don't do well on grains period. Regardless of how they've been processed beforehand.

    I look at it this way, there is a sort of hierarchy of grain consumption:

    Grains < Soaked grains < Sprouted grains < Fermented grains < Sprouted and fermented grains < Grain-free

    IF you chose to consume grains, sprouting them and THEN fermenting them is your best bet for lowering antinutrients as much as possible. But even then, you can't get rid of everything. So simply eliminating them may be overall better.

    But if you feel fine consuming them, then hey, do what you will. Grains are not primal, but your diet doesn't have to be 100% if you don't want it to be.

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