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Thread: Bacon yes or no on Primal? page 2

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    if you want bacon, have bacon

    if you don't, don't have bacon
    yeah you are

    I mean there's so many ants in my eyes! And there are so many TVs, microwaves, radios... I think, I can't, I'm not 100% sure what we have here in stock.. I don't know because I can't see anything! Our prices, I hope, aren't too low!

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    Theres more "evil" nitrites in your saliva. Better stop swallowing your spit.

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    Chris Kresser had something to say about nitrates and nitrites. Yes, saliva or some veggies have a lot more.
    Anyways, like all things, it is the dose that makes the poison but I wouldn't worry about a couple of bacon strips every day. I would worry much more if you went like this crazy guy and his bacon challenge (the man nicknames himself "Megatoad", you can see him on youtube showing off various challenges, each more crazy than the other - if you easily gag, avoid watching ...)

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    I can't get enough bacon.

    So yes. I, like others in this thread, buy the uncured bacon from Trader Joe's. It's outstanding.

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    I eat about 1 lb a week of uncured, nitrite/nitrate free type.
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    Buy the uncured stuff. Delicious!!!
    Stumbled into Primal due to food allergies, and subsequent elimination of non-primal foods.

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    I eat 6 strips and 3 eggs in the morning usually. Fast and easy before work and fills me up for many hours. Not sure why people are saying bacon is expensive? My breakfast costs under 5$.

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    Bacon is the best air freshener! Even my vegan housemate would sigh with longing.

    But I find cured meat makes a better garnish than a meal, and I think it's wise to rotate foods and not become dependent on any particular one. I feel a lot better when my weekday food has a A B A B rhythm.

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    Bacon is ok, Kool-ade is bad.

    From what I can tell, it isnt the best choice but dang it taste good. I think the biggest issue is that it is difficult to get "clean" pork sources. The hormones and antibiotics used in farmed pigs tends to collect in the fat areas, which end up being bacon. I dont know exactly how accurate that is but it seems to make sense. Same really with beef. Fatty grass fed beef is great but if eating more conventional sourced beef, it is probably better to go leaner.

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