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Thread: Canned/tinned mackerel;does the medium (water, evoo, tomato sauce) matter?

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    Canned/tinned mackerel;does the medium (water, evoo, tomato sauce) matter?

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    So I'm eating a can a day (which is between 80-120g) and I have the choice of mackerel tinned with tomato sauce, water or evoo. In terms of ingredients there is no bad stuff in any choice however evoo mackerel tastes significantly stronger than water or tomato so I'm wondering if there are nutritional differences between tins?

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    Tomatoes and olives are both groovy in my book (olive oil will add calories of course). I'd go with whichever tastes best as long as it's wild and fatty.

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    Is up to you. If you like the taste better in EVOO, go for it. The only thing would nutritionally be the added fat of the oil, but personally I wouldn't care. I like my tuna in water, 'cause I mix it with other stuff and don't like the EVOO that much. Maybe you should check the tomato-sauces' ingredients; it might contain some shitty things. But nothing really bad (:
    The fish is definitely the same, though!

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    Because of all the press on the lack of regulation on what can be called "olive oil," I tend to stay away from canned fish packed in olive oil unless I've checked out the company to my satisfaction. Other than that, it only depends on your tastes. If I'm out of my subscription and I buy from a local grocer, I usually buy them in water then dress them the way I want. I always have mustard and something tomato-y (and hot sauce) in the fridge.
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