I won't go into the toxins and whatnot that are in normal perfumes, let's just say I refuse to use them and I usually move if someone around me smells very strongly of perfume. (I'm also 5 months pregnant, so I might yack on them because of it, lol)

I have read before that people put a few drops of essential oil in water in a spray bottle, or mix it with a neutral oil and rub it on. But every time I try this it just smells like crap to me! I've tried various mint oils thinking they would be nice and fresh - nope, smells like rotten candy after 10 minutes. Jasmine and orange makes me smell like a greenhouse or an old lady that makes everyone sneeze.

I just spent 30 minutes in the health food store smelling every oil and premixed perfume concoction they sell and I left empty handed.

I need advice, what have you had success with? Is there some big secret I don't know about?
I know it's not a big problem, I don't want to use it everyday, but when it's date night, I'd like to smell a little extra nice.