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Thread: Essential Oils as perfume... I need advice!

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    I quit wearing regular perfumes years ago .... I use EO's straight, but more often use a blend of amber and a musk oil. I also use Song of India solid, amber, sandalwood and musk are my favorites. They come in little carved soapstone jars and the scent is long lasting.
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    I love messing about with all sort of essential oils to create things that smell pretty. Try combining a few until you get something that you like.

    Rose and geranium (classic floral), Vanilla and orange (orange creamsicle), Lavender and melissa (relaxing floral), gardenia and coconut (exotic floral), ylang ylang and sandalwood (sensual and woody) ...

    You can even mix three at the same time to get some really interesting combinations. I love vanilla, gardenia and coconut. Amber is also a good base note to play other scents against.

    Mints do tend to go odd fairly quickly. And yes, blend your EOs in a carrier oil. Almond oil works well but has a subtle fragrance...
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    Sweet almond oil as a base and french rose oil is my favourite although the rose oil is just about the most expensive EO around! A little under 600 for a 100 mls over here! But you don't need a lot, so it goes a long way. Is very good for opening the heart chakra too :-)

    I definitely think pregnancy makes a difference to all senses. Caution though with EOs whilst pregnant especially using any of them neat directly on your skin. One way I like to use EO straight is to put a drop on clothing that's near to my skin; the body warms it up and you get lovely wafts as you move about.
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    There are many choices that you can find online, but with all the essential oil companies claiming that they're the best in this and that, it's always been Healing Solutions my first and only choice because they just have the finest and most effective selection of essential oils for a variety of purposes.

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    I now use perfumers alcohol with EO. My favorites EOs are vetiver and patchouli.

    As far as combinations, I am not that creative but I will say that I made soap (I had lye and a bunch of cooking oils at home) and scented it with patchouli and orange. I love it!

    My wife normally uses store bought liquid soap but one day I noticed that she smelled particularly nice. Her hair really smelled good. She said, "that is because I used your soap!"

    My wife gave my soap to her staff as Christmas gifts. One of them said that her daughter loved the soap and that her daughter smelled so good. So I guess orange and patchouli mix well. :-)

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