I'm about to do JJ Virgin's 21 day elimination phase, where you cut out the 7 foods that people are most sensitive to. Something like 70% of Americans are sensitive to at least one of these:

Sugar and artificial sweeteners

After 21 days, journal-ling how you feel and taking measurables the whole time, one week at a time you introduce the foods back into your diet and see how that effects you. In that manner, you don't have to cut out all 7 for the rest of your life, you just pin it down to the ones that you are sensitive to.

Being an 80/20 paleo guy, most of these should be easy, I just need to go up to 100/0 for 21 days. The ones that will cause me problems are eggs and dairy, as they are a pretty significant part of my diet.

Question: Is there any magic in eliminating all 7 at the same time? What if I did the test on just 6 of them (leaving one of eggs/dairy out)? After I was done with the 6, I could then repeat the test with the remaining food that was originally left out. Would this work just as well? If so, it would be easier for me to pull off, considering the significance of dairy and eggs in my diet.

Thoughts? Thanks!