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    HELP! My kids are losing weight!

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    I started on a primal diet in December, and began feeling so great that in February I transitioned our whole family. But I'm starting to wonder if I need to make a change for my kids.

    My children (5 & 3) have both LOST weight since February. My kids are already both lean, no baby fat or pudge, so I'm really concerned about the weight loss. My 5 year old son lost 4 1/2 pounds and my 3 year old daughter lost 2.

    Here's what they ate yesterday (pretty typical day). (Water is their only beverage.)

    Breakfast: eggs, bacon, banana
    Snack: Pistachios and Raisins
    Lunch: Shrimp, carrots & salad
    Snack: Veggie Sticks
    Dinner: Grass-fed hot dogs, broccoli and cheese

    They seem to be eating enough, but I really don't want them to keep losing weight. Has anyone gone through this with their kids? Any advice?


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    Are they still hungry?
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    That's quite a low-carb diet for children. Have you considered using potatoes or sweet-potatoes as the main part of their meal once a day?
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    yes, sweet potatoes with butter yum!

    sweet potato chips as a snack?

    they are growing and need lots of energy, how about giving them nice chunks of fresh coconut? they will self regulate when satiated at that age so offer it to them and see if they eat it, if they do they need it

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    Lots of similar threads on this topic if you do a search.

    Yes to more carbs & fat! More fruit, sweet potatoes, cheese, almond butter, etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primal Mom View Post

    They seem to be eating enough

    Well, if they are both lean as you say, and they are losing weight, then they aren't eating enough.

    Up the carbs.

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    I look at that and think "weight loss". Rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, paleo "treats" would probably give them some extra calories.
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    Do they tolerate dairy other than cheese? If so full fat milk with their meals is another good source of extra calories.

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    Primal desserts can up calories QUICK!
    Primal pancakes made from almond/coconut flour are pretty heavy and fun for kids topped with butter mmm BAMBAMBAM weight gain (for me I guess haha)
    1 whole coconut is about 1400 calories

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    I have a (mostly) paleo 10 yr old. I have to make an extra effort to keep her carbs up, It isnt hard but I must be mindful of it because she needs more than the rest of the family. As was suggested potatoes, rice, dried coconut/fruit, nuts, baked treats etc.
    Her favorite, afterschool/ pre dance class, snack is a baked potatoe with loads of Kerrygold, shredded cheese and crumbled bacon. Pretty easy.

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