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Thread: Nutrition degree help needed in Australia?

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    Nutrition degree help needed in Australia?

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    Hi all,

    I live in the UK but having spent my teenage years (6 and a half yrs) in Perth, Australia lm going to go back (whether for a short time or not l dont know as l dont have a passport and l have been in the uk for 11 years).
    Im planning on going travelling to South America, SE Asia then Aus (recommendations and tips would be great!).
    Once in Aus lm interested in doing a naturopath degree. However l would be a mature student (lm 29) and a degree can be obtained in the UK over 3 years part time (ie weekend allowing me to work at the same time). Can anyone recommend a degree in australia that would be good for being able to work at the same time to live etc. And l would prefer not to be in education for more than 3 years. One year full time may be viable too.
    Thank you everyone!


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    I live close to this college - I think you can do it part or full time. Its near Fremantle...
    Naturopathy Course Perth Australia |

    But I haven't had any personal experience...

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