How much of our perceptions of what smells good, looks good, feels good, etc. have been formed by commercials and major corporations?

I’ll give you an example, I have a friend over here (American) who has a girlfriend that is from Sudan and not much removed from the bush (I consider this a good thing myself, my friend is not so sure). He was hot and sweaty one day and she stuck her nose in his armpit and said that she loved the smell.

That made me think about not only our sense of smell but our other senses. How much of what we perceive as being beautiful, ugly, smells good, smells bad, taste good, taste bad, etc. is formed by media and commercials?

Some examples:
In the 60s, Twiggy was the ideal model. No curves, no boobs, nothing. Now we see more of the JLo types.

People seem to go for the heavy sugared, heavy salted, heavy flavored foods and drinks. Subtly has been replaced by massive amounts of chemicals because it is cheaper to take cheap basic ingredients and load them full of artificial flavors than it is to grow organic and keep to the basics.

Sense of smell. Do we need all the chemicals (perfumes, deodorants), is this masking the way we should naturally smell? What is the effect of this?

I think that we have become so programmed to see, smell, taste, hear and feel what is profitable to the major corporations that a lot of people have lost the ability to appreciate what is natural and right.