i will change my journal name when i have decided what to call it properly. right now i am putting an entry in for my exercise journal so i can keep track. i got BBY ( body by you by mark lauren ) which i am going to work thru. i need to fit it in with my one day at the gym a week and i also walk lots. so.....

BBY does 3 workouts a week. i go to the gym thursdays. my plan is to do BBY maybe fri, sun and tues. gym on thursday. and walk when i normally do.

i did my BBY assesments over the last couple of days to work out where i was with it all. it is quite funny as you need to be able to do 12 reps of an exercise with good form. you start at exercise 1 and do every odd numbered exercise till you can no longer do 12 with good form. you then take the last exercise you could do 12 reps of as your starting point. i got to exercise 25 on one of them and was nearly dead LOL it was great fun tho. alot of the exercises are challenging even if you can do them. i am still wondering if i didnt over pace myself as he reckons when you can do 12 reps of one exercise with good form, you upgrade to the next one.

today was sunday. day 2 of cycle 1. made it thru just!

pulling - exercise 17 - let me ups legs straight with 2 sec pause. 2 x 12 reps
squatting - exercise 13 - one legged squats off knee high surface. 2 x 12 reps. i had to lean very slightly on the side of the chair a smidgen on the left leg as my ankle is still a bit dodgy.
perpendicular pushing - exercise 11 - military press with 1 sec pause. 2 x 12 reps. i will be upgrading this to military press with 2 sec pauses next time.
bending - exercise 25 - one legged warrior with 3kg weight. 2 x 12 reps. i could do this on my right leg but my ankle didnt like it on my left leg so i did 1 x 12 reps with the right leg. then did 2 x 12 reps on both legs.

this is actually harder than the good ol' lifting heavy at the gym i reckon. you get rest times as well so for pulling and perpendicular pushing, you get 2 mins to do each set of 12 reps. for squatting and bending, you get 3 mins to do each set.