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Thread: Gained a pound overnight?

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    You would be highly atypical to experience weight loss linearly like that. If you were to have plotted your results over the years, you would probably find that extended periods of linear weight loss are the exception, rather than the rule.

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    Just to let you know, honey is a carb (17g/serving), and low carb pancakes are still pancakes. By now you may have seen the weight drop off. Don't sweat the small scales gains, advice was given to weigh in once a week, that way, along with a food diary, you can keep track of your weight, and what affects it.

    On a side bar, although in a lab 3,500 calories is equal to one pound, calories in/calories out is not accurate. Many people have food intolerances, I, for one, cannot eat watermelon, it makes me gain 5 lbs with just a one cup serving! Everyone is different, and react differently to different foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahallahan View Post
    I am very definitely not morbidly obese. And I had not had any extra carbs that day, I went back and read my original post and it was not clear, but I ate 3 low carb pancakes, not regular full carb pancakes. Anytime I start a weight loss regime, I always lose weight that quickly. Even if it is just counting calories and hitting the gym. I also did walk 27 miles the first week I did PB. So that plus the lowcarb eating may have contributed to the weight loss. Anyway, I am on my cycle now, so am assuming it is all water weight or bloating, so when I get off and have given myself a week or so to adjust again, I will reweigh and see where I am. I do thank you all for your comments though! I had a slight moment of panic!
    what is a low-carb pancake? make paleo/primal about eating real food. something tells me that there isn't much real food in a low-carb pancake.

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    I go up and down everyday. I have only lost a total of 6lbs in 2 months but my photos tell a different story. I have also lost 2 inches on my waist.

    Don't be so concerned with day-to-day weight. If you HAVE to worry about pounds then at least only compare bi-weekly or even monthly weights.

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