So I have been doing the Primal Blueprint for just over a week with my husband. The first week has been great, I have not had any cravings for bad foods. I've had tons of energy, my sleep hasn't quite evened out yet, but I have been an intermittent sleeper my entire life. I walked around 13 miles this week. I was steadily losing between .4 and .8 pounds a day. However, I woke up this morning and had gained 1.2 pounds!!! What the crap? Yesterday was a normal primal day. The only thing different was as it was a weekend I made primal pancakes with honey on them. But I ate 3, 2 inch pancakes and drizzled the honey, I mean it was even very much. And I also made sauteed cabbage at dinner, which made me slightly bloated. So those few extra carbs should not have mattered. I usually stay between 60-75 carbs a day. Should I be worried about this huge leap up in weight? On a side note, I will be starting my monthly cycle here in the next 4 or 5 days, does that affect changes in your weight on the Primal diet? I know when I was doing 4HB, that author of that said it would vary greatly before your cycle.

I am just scared, I was doing so well and a weight gain like that over night is especially bothersome.