Last summer, coming into my freshman year of college I weighed 355 lbs. I was 5'8", had a 54-55 inch waist, and had no intentions of changing. I found myself eating healthier at college, though not primal. I walked everywhere, and as a result, in February of this year, I found myself at 330 lbs. At this point I became encouraged by my weight loss, and decided to commit myself to becoming the physical specimen that I desired. I started researching.

I found that Primal suited the lifestyle I wanted to lead, and got started. I didn't like giving up grain. I love pasta, bread, and cake like any good fat guy, but I wanted to change.

I have this theory about weight loss. I think that we cannot really use health as a long term motivator. You see, we have trained our selves through years of over-eating to enjoy gorging ourselves. Our bodies trick us into thinking we are doing the right thing by stuffing our bellies full to the brim. Our mind knows different, just like a smoker knows the risks of chain smoking, but that doesn't stop us from making a second trip to the buffet line.

I found my motivator, and got started. The first week was hard, very hard, but then I got on the scale, and saw that I had dropped 8 lbs. Things got easier knowing that.

I currently weigh in at 298 lbs. I ran a mile yesterday for the first time in my life without resting. I am strong, as I've always been ( I played football in high-school), stronger even. These 57 lbs are just the beginning though. I want to get down to 190, and then start to slowly develop the body I want from there.

It's kinda crazy, saying that 57 lbs is only a third of my goal. Kinda sad, when you think about it. But kinda encouraging at the same time. I have done what most people would kill to be able to do, to shed weight as if it were a heavy coat on a hot day, and I get the pleasure of continuing. I am at what I would deem an average level of physical ability with regards to endurance right now, so what will I be like when I am 100-120 lbs lighter still? With regards to flexibility, oddly enough, I far surpass most fitness benchmarks for women, much less men. I have to wonder what I will be able to do without all this fat in the way.

I don't know what I want from the community here, other than support. I'm glad that this place exists, and hopefully one day you will see my success story posted on a Friday .