I have perused this topic looking at various websites for a while and am really wanting to change and adapt my lifestyle as I know it will benefit me and my family long term. So much makes so much sense, it excites me but I wonder if I can dig up enough willpower, which i am ashamed to admit, I lack!!

A little background which some of you lovely like minded people may be able to advise me on.

I am not grossly overweight, probably could do with shifting 10 lbs but I want to feel healthy and experience the vibrancy that many of you are enjoying. I try to excercise but currently, have Rice Krispies in both my knees causing pain on excercising, including walking so feel sluggish....just to note, I am a very young 40..I suspect the knees are due to the years of step aerobics and being a bit knock knee'd

I work shifts rotating between 12 hour days and nights. I drink the dreaded diet drinks through the night to keep me 'awake' and when I get up, from not enough sleep, I just want to eat the rubbish in the cupboards where on any given day, at work or not, I don't eat anything until midday.

I know I have a sugar and butter addiction, especially when on top of cakes although the majority of times I can refrain but not always, but admittedly if its there, I would nibble and then persuade myself I haven't eaten very much all day...

I have lots of questions which I am sure this fabulous site and its great contributors will give me guidance upon but the main one is how and when to start and if to completely withdraw from the sugar and aspartame!