My wife snagged a rather gorgeous little snowball kitten from her sister's barn. She's been great- I think she's part ragdoll, and who knows what else. The other cat we have belonged to one of her coworkers that couldn't keep him. He looks kinda like a Maine Coon, but not quite that big. She went over there to check him out and he jumped on her lap. She brought the carrier in, and he walked in, laid down, and then stared at her like, "When do we leave?".

They get along well- they play together, hiss at each other, and sometimes snuggle together on a chair or bed. She hates being picked up, and only likes petting when she wants it. He just wants it all the time. Completely different personalities, but they get along pretty well.

I feed them Wellness food, both canned and dry. I keep the dry food stocked, and feed them half a large can (5oz?) and half a small can (3oz?) of wet food each day. The male cat chows his food down, and will try to eat the female's if she's not still eating, and she has a habit of eating a bit and then trying to come back 10 minutes later.

I'm really glad we have both of them. They keep each other amused while we're at work, and still get stir-crazy if we don't play with them enough. It'd be terrible if they were alone most of the day.